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Relying on God’s Truth After Being Laid Off (Testimony)

Dry your eyes and rise, sweet child. I’m sorry you’re going through all this. But know even in this, even still I have a plan. You are in my protection. You do hear my voice. Let me care for you. Let me delight and surprise you. Let me love you like you’ve never been loved before. You don’t need a job, a book deal, or a husband to be satisfied. I am jealous for you and want you to be satisfied only by me.

Some things won’t happen like you expect. Some things will be better than you expect. In all things, I am working. I am your Provider. You are my responsibility. I love you. Take things one day at a time - get your daily bread.

Know I am with you. Know I am stronger than you feel.

*Felt God show me an image of me standing on a small raft in the ocean, faced towards my future. He will move me but I need to stand. I might feel like, and it might seem like, I have very little ground to stand on but it’s enough.* Let me do miracles through you.

The morning after I found out my job had been made redundant (the curveball I mentioned a few weeks back), I went before God and poured out allll I was. And, in his sweet love and mercy, I felt him encourage me with the above. So many reminders in one single morning! And yet, you know how sometimes you still need to fight your flesh and repeat over and over that the Lord reigns, he is bigger than our circumstances, he is in control. Though I always want to be as close to God as possible, sometimes it does take tough situations for us to go deeper with him.

This photo was taken a few hours after I signed a contract for a new job. My dream job. A dream that began almost four years ago and all came about in a way I never could have orchestrated - but He sure could.

I hope this encourages anyone going through a tough situation (feel free to msg if you’d like prayer - redundancy is such a tough thing to go through ❤️). God truly is your Provider, Savior, First Love. He will never let you go. He has a plan, he has his timing, and he will answer your prayers. Keep waiting and being expectant - believe you shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13)! One day you will testify. 🙏