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Regular Reflecting and Repenting

The Yay Project Christian blog and art by Jenni Lien

“How deep is my love?”

“Deeper than the ocean!”

“Dive deep. Swim with me. Enjoy my love with every breath.”


This morning, I had my usual quiet time. Woke up around 6, made a huge mug of tea, sat on my couch to dig into the Word (Joshua and Luke right now). For the past 1.5 years, I’ve read the Bible chronologically, usually asking God each morning how many chapters to read. Sometimes I sense him saying a couple (e.g. 3, 5) but sometimes it’s just 1. And I dig in, with eager expectation knowing God’s got something. There are many great ways to read the Bible, but just wanted to share this approach. I think it’s a good way to try and hear from God and walk in faith. ❤️

After my Bible reading, I pulled out my journal and sought God. You know those times when you just sense that there’s some blockage. When you wonder why you aren’t hearing from God as clearly or sensitively? Maybe God is trying to get our attention during these times. So I reflected and confessed, trying to leave plenty of time for God to speak, and came out much more focused, directed, at peace.

God doesn’t try and make us perfect. He knows we’re not. That we can’t deal with everything everyday. So when life feels very busy, I pray we don’t turn to lesser distractions but read his Word, sit still with him and wait. He’ll move the right pieces, he’ll show us where to go!

Before I closed my journal, I lay down and waited. Enjoyed some peace before starting a new day. And I felt God whisper the above. A beautiful reminder that in all we do today, with every breath, we can praise the Lord.

How wonderful is our Lord! So worthy, always. Praying our hearts deeply yearn for him more, desiring to be so close to his heart. There is no greater joy. 🙏

Have a great day, friends. Drop a ❤️ if you’re praying you stay close to God’s heart all week (and beyond!) :)


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