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Reasons To Live Like a Daughter of God in 2021

This morning, I started praying over goals for 2021. In previous years, I’d get really specific and outline many goals for many areas, believing sheer willpower would enable me to achieve them. Then, through God’s grace, he brought me to a point where I realised seeking God and doing whatever he says is a way better method for achieving! Not only is there nothing better than being in God’s will, his plan for us is always better (and more satisfying!) than anything we could come up with ourselves. There is such joy in living for God first (Matthew 6:33).

The Yay Project Christian Blog

So just a nudge that there’s nothing better than carrying out God’s plan for our lives, amen? We can for sure ask, seek, dream with God, thinking and praying over the things on our hearts. Who knows, maybe God has placed them there. But may we always be open to whatever God wants to do, however he wants to move, being willing to change direction whenever, wherever he says.

What a privilege it is to be his; to be created by the Almighty, so treasured in his care. Whatever the next year brings, may we live each day in wholehearted surrender to our King, with our entire being radiating the fact that we know we are God’s beloved and our lives (what we say, do, think) matters.

The Yay Project Christian Blog

Save these truths for a reminder! 💪

  1. I am God’s beloved daughter.

  2. I am a princess.

  3. I am a warrior.

  4. I am capable.

  5. I am valuable.

  6. I am loved.

  7. I will accept only God’s best.

  8. I will wait on the Lord.

We are not the enemy’s playthings. We are daughters of God!