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New restaurant review: Teppanyaki Mihara

Teppanyaki is always a fun experience but when you combine it with premium ingredients at a fair price? Sign me up!

Recently I visited the TKO neighbourhood for the first time to check out the newly opened Teppanyaki Mihara. As I live in the Western District, it’s further than I usually travel for a meal but, as my Foodie bio says (from four years ago!), I'm willing to travel far for food.

Teppanyaki Mihara

Teppanyaki Mihara is located at the Parkside complex which is a short walk from Tseung Kwan O MTR. It’s named after chef Terufumi Mihara, a certified Master Chef from the Osaka School of Culinary Arts, who specializes in ‘wa modern’ Japanese fusion cuisine. The restaurant also takes great pride in the quality of its ingredients, offering A4 Miyazaki Wagyu beef (winner of the Wagyu Olympics for the past 15 years), Hokkaido ‘snow’ pork, Awaji onions and Aomori garlic.

So how was the experience?

Teppanyaki Mihara

The restaurant is very polished. There are large communal teppanyaki tables and a few smaller tables away from the grill. We sat by the grill and enjoyed watching the chef whip up our food.

Here are some of the highlights from our meal.

Teppanyaki Mihara

This egg custard was silky smooth.

Teppanyaki Mihara

The sliced sirloin with vegetables was a great hearty bite. Loved the various textures and flavours in each bite.

Teppanyaki Mihara

A tender piece of Hokkaido Silver Cod served on hoba leaf was a standout.

Teppanyaki Mihara

Who can resist super fresh tiger prawn pasta?

At this point, we were already convinced that Teppanyaki Mihara was great. But then came time to try the A4 Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin. What to say but incredibly flavourful, indulgently fatty beef cooked to our preferred rareness. The accompanying garlic fried rice was the perfect texture and incredibly fragrant - one of the best I’ve had.

Loved this so much I made a DIY Wagyu rice bowl to really get all the flavours together.

Teppanyaki Mihara

Our meal ended with a lovely matcha cake and milk pudding.


Teppanyaki Mihara is a great addition to Hong Kong’s food scene. TKO residents are lucky to have this spot! Dinner set menus start from $588 (our version was $780). Lunch sets are great value starting from $218. When planning your meal, keep in mind they have over 100 sakes, wines (with a focus on premium natural ‘lieu-dit’ wines), shochu and spirit options.

Tseung Kwan O, Tong Chun St, 18號地下G06號舖 The Parkside Tower 1, 3618 8212


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