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[Closed] New menu review: Momojein, a creative Korean restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

For Korean food with a twist, my opinion is that no one does it better in Hong Kong than Momojein. The restaurant is going into its third year, and now its third menu; they switch it up every year/season. While I love chefs that stay creative and look for new ways to please their diners, it can also be a bit heartbreaking when you can no longer eat the dishes you loved so much. During the last round, I’d fallen in love with their potato pancake and dukbokki with hardboiled egg and peanut butter. But good things sometimes have to come to an end, and I was excited to see what Chef Lim Hee Won and team had come up with now.

Here are my top five picks from their new menu.

Momojein Korean restaurant in Hong Kong

1. Yukhoe ($178)

I remember being blown away the first time I had this Korean-style steak tartare. Raw beef with sliced pear, what a life changing combination. This version has all the classic ingredients such as sesame oil, black pepper and soy sauce. The twist is that it’s spicy with housemade chili oil and Korean chili powder in there, and sweet with Korean maesil (plum blossom extract). For some extra crunch, Chef added pine nuts and chia. The flavours are interesting and well-balanced. I think this is a universal crowd pleaser.

Momojein Korean restaurant in Hong Kong

2. Kalbi and Grilled Vegetables ($390)

Our beef came beautifully sliced and presented to show-off its gorgeous medium rare texture. The flavour of the marinade itself is classic and sweet. What sets this apart is the accompanying pumpkin mustard sauce (like horseradish) and the side coriander salad. While the beef is delicious on its own, both the sauce and the salad offer two additional refreshing flavour combinations for those that enjoy variety.

Momojein Korean restaurant in Hong Kong

3. Smoked Pork Belly ($350)

Pork is my favourite meat, and I want pork belly to be my last meal. All this to say I’m quite picky about this meat and still think Momojein’s new smoked pork belly really rocks. I think the price is what will surprise people but quality ingredients cost money and Iberico pork was used for this dish. The texture of the pork is well marbled and fatty, and the flavour of the pork is so pronounced. Smoking it teases out the pork’s natural sweetness. This is an absolutely wonderful dish, and the Korean pickles served on the side helped cut the heaviness of consuming so much pork fat.

Momojein Korean restaurant in Hong Kong

4. House Tofu ($138)

This tofu dish is a delicious yet light appetizer for the summer, or any time of the year really. Served warm, the housemade tofu is tinted from the use of both black beans and soybeans. The texture is soft and mealy, and mild base upon which to enjoy six month aged kimchi and more Korean pickles.

Momojein Korean restaurant in Hong Kong

5. Spicy Bell Pepper Tuna ($162)

We were told this dish is inspired a canned tuna with peppers that is popular in Korea. While I haven’t tried the canned version, this fresh version is a fresh yet spicy treat. Two halved and slightly cooked bell peppers are stuffed with gochujang-marinated raw tuna that is mixed with persimmon and tomato before being presented in a tin can. The presentation is very cute, the flavour combination is unique, and is definitely one to try.


Momojein continues to serve up delicious contemporary Korean food. The interior design hasn’t changed, it’s still modern, bright and spacious making it a great spot for group meals or a casual date. The new a la carte menu has great food but can be pricy. I highly recommend the lunch menu for those on a budget. For between $100 to $150, diners can choose from a variety of dishes from spicy pork with rice to a beef tartare bibimbap and get a drink and appetizer pickles too. The lunch portions were huge, and I always left feeling like it was money and calories well spent.

23/F, 202 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai, 2789 1949


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