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[Closed] Brunch review: Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A new semi-buffet brunch option in Causeway Bay

If I could describe the new semi-buffet brunch at Jamie’s Italian in three words, I’d say carbs, meat, and cheese. Quite a basic description, but not a bad my mind at least! Because after rolling out of bed on a Sunday morning, what is better than lots of coffee (or cocktails, depending) and lots of hearty, indulgent food. There are loads of semi-buffet or buffet brunch options in town, but I think Jamie’s Italian will hold its own especially among families and casual diners looking for an uncomplicated dining experience.

The food

The dishes at Jamie’s usually have some sort of twist (even if it’s simple, like adding lemon zest to carbonara), but generally the food is uncomplicated and comforting.

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

The buffet spread offers a fresh selection of salads (loved the broccoli), cold cuts, smoked salmon, dips, bread and dessert (loved the citrus-y pavlova). It seemed to focus on the their best-selling favourites, and the selection was wide enough for me...though I would have loved to see some of their more indulgent treats - such as their friend ravioli nachos - on the table too. Everything was as expected, but I think the cannelloni dip deserves a special shout out. Super flavourful, and I ate it by the forkful. For our brunch, we opted for heartier lunch-y options in a penne carbonara and a pizza called the “Hong Kong Hot.”

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

The carbonara had a bechamel-base, but the sauce was quite runny. Not bad, just something to note for those who love thick, sauce-sticking-to-the-pasta type of carbonaras. It was also saltier, whereas I like my carbonaras a tad sweeter. Overall though, the texture of the pasta was spot on and I liked the healthy lashings of black pepper.

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Being ravenous on this Sunday morning, I chose the “Hong Kong Hot” pizza because - with its homemade meatballs, fennel salami, pickled chilis and two types of cheese - it sounded like it would satisfy. This pizza was definitely on the greasy side, and was soggier in the middle like a Neapolitan-style pie, but the flavour was great: salty, sour, and spicy. A calorie and flavour bomb for those who can handle this for the first meal of the day.

The drinks

Drinks at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

There are a few free flow options, from cocktails, to prosecco, to juice. We sampled the whiskey-based, bacon-enhanced Bloody Mary and the strawberry bellini. The drinks were a little thin and basic for my liking, honestly my least favourite part of the meal. That said, Jamie’s is quite a family friendly place and most tables were just having water or straight prosecco. Maybe stick with these, and let the Restaurant focus on what it does best: simple honest food that satisfies without breaking the bank.

For the mamas and papas

Also, for those considering Jamie’s for the first time, it’s worth mentioning that the space is large and happy to accommodate families. There are plenty of large comfortable booths and high chairs, and the service is attentive and friendly. 2/F, Soundwill Plaza II, 1 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, 3958 2222

*By invitation


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