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[Closed] Madame Ching, Hong Kong

New Asian fusion spot on Star Street

A few months ago, a number of modern Chinese restaurants (Old Bailey, Madame Fu, Madame Ching) opened around the same time. I meant to try them all but then left for a long vacation and didn’t end up trying any for a long time. But last week, I finally went to Madame Ching and was kicking myself that I hadn’t tried it sooner. Because honestly? It’s really good.

There are few Pirata Group restaurants that I don’t love, but Madame Ching - named after the world’s first female pirate - is definitely one where I can see myself coming back to often for a date or a group dinner. The space, the same spot as where they had the BALLS pop up last year, isn’t huge so groups may be best limited to four or perhaps six. Our group tried a number of new dishes from their Fall menu as well as some seriously juicy mains.


Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

We started with the Uni with brussel sprouts and creme fraiche ($120). Delicious! The sweetness of the uni went very well with the slightly bitter sprout leaves, and there was a generous amount of the uni for the price.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

The Amadai ($160) with eggplant and black beans was cooked well and had that awesome crispy, flaky skin.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

Often I force myself to eat salad for lunch so I can indulge when out for dinner, but the Kuruma Prawn Salad ($150) had a very flavourful sour dashi broth and very fresh ingredients. I’d reorder this whether or not I’d already had salad for lunch.


While the appetizers were good, somehow I found the meat dishes even better.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

The Suckling Pig ($210) was perfectly tender, had the crispiest skin, and sat atop an addictive celeriac puree.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

The Hamachi Collar ($160) had a lovely, tangy orange and fennel sauce.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

And the roast duck ($180 for half) was drop my fork delicious. Incredibly juicy.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong

There was nothing bad about the sides (roast cauliflower, long beans) and carbs (dan dan noodles, mushroom egg fried rice) but none of them wowed me the way the appetizers and sharing dishes did. But I suppose not all dishes in a meal should be packed full of flavour. And it gave me a chance to try out the chili oil which was on point.

Madame Ching restaurant in Hong Kong


Chef Son Pham is doing wonderful things at Madame Ching. Overall, the dishes are inventive, unique, and well-priced. I’m already looking forward to my next trip.

5 Star Street, Wan Chai, 2577 7227

*By invitation for Foodie


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