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Staycation Review: Kerry Hotel Hong Kong

If you’ve been reading The Yay Project for awhile, you’ve probably heard me talk about my ‘Saturday Staycations’ or 'Day Dates' with God. I’m an ambivert and love being social half the time haha but try and schedule events on any day BUT Saturday. Because with work and church, it’s the only day I can spend uninterrupted with God. And the introvert side of me love, love, loves the idea of spending one whole day inside with flexible time. There’s no rush, I can read as much of the Bible as I want, pray and soak for hours, read, write, draw, nap, pivot as I feel the Spirit leading. There’s nothing like waiting on the Lord and getting recharged.

This summer (like this whole year!) has been unique and most people aren’t wanting to travel so hotels are offering various staycation deals. In June I was able to have four staycations as a contributor for Foodie. Two of them fell on weekdays, but two of them fell on Friday to Saturday which meant I was able to have a variation of my Saturday routine there.

I wrote the below from my room at Kerry Hotel Hong Kong (more details below) while sipping coffee, staring at the sun rising above the water, and soaking in God’s love.


Comment a 👏 if you can relate to “In oceans deep, my faith will stand.”

Before sleeping yesterday, I was thinking about loyalty. You might have already heard me say this a million times but Jesus carried me (like in his arms!) through the toughest season of my life last year and now...I’ve never had more joy or purpose, and it’s all because of him. I’ll never have enough words to express all Jesus has done for me. The last verse in John (21:25) said “Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.” That about sums it up, right? May we never, ever tire of giving thanks to our Lord and Savior.

But this morning, I’m reminded that my devotion to Jesus is more about love than loyalty. Yes, I’m thankful for all Jesus has done but I’m all his not because I feel obligated but because I know him and thus can’t help but love him with my whole heart.

Maybe it’s because I’m literally staring at water right now (a harbour) but Oceans by Hillsong came to mind as I was having quiet time. So I played it and soaked in the 🔥 lyrics, and this one stood out: “And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.”

I didn’t transform and receive this joy and purpose (and more!) just because I went through something’s because I spent time in the presence of my Savior. Jesus healed me, not time, not keeping busy, not success. Jesus.

If anyone ever criticises us for having blind faith, we can gently but confidently say it’s not blind but eyes wide open! We know Jesus. We can know Jesus. If we’ve been in / are in “oceans deep” situations, they can turn into “my faith will be made stronger” situations if we spent time in the presence of our Savior. As someone who’s come out the other end of a big trial, I can tell you with 100% certainty that relying on Jesus will carry you through whatever’s happening right now. He IS faithful. He IS good. And he 100% loves us more than we could ever understand.

Jesus, thank you. We love you. ❤️


My Deluxe Sea View Room was modern, sleek and chic. I loved the special touches like welcome treats and complimentary mini bar. No surprise though that my favourite part was the lounge chair facing the water.

Even before checking in I stopped by the hotel spa for a Blue Diamond Brightening Facial. This is actually a separate answered prayer. It had been at least a year since I’d had a facial and I wanted one badly. But they’re quite pricey in Hong Kong and this year seems a good time to save. A fellow media friend mentioned she’d just reviewed one so I worked up courage to ask another hotel if they’d throw one in with their staycation package. That didn’t work out but out of the blue (I didn’t realize this was part of the package I was trying) Kerry Hotel said I could pick any 60 minute spa treatment from their menu and … I chose a facial. Thankful.

It ended up being one of the loveliest spa experiences I’ve had in Hong Kong and absolutely worth the wait! The pre treatment consultation is thorough, ensuring you get the experience you want. Then the beds have a feature where the foot and head areas can be slightly elevated making for an extremely comfortable time. And lastly, my facialist was skilled and thorough. The Blue Diamond option uses products from Hungarian cult beauty brand Omorovicza and includes a traditional Hungarian facial massage (can’t even begin to describe it lol but my facialist warned me it would be vigorous and good for firming!).

On Saturday, I woke up around 5am, made a Nespresso from the machine in the room, and dragged my fluffy duvet over to the lounge chair to have my quiet time. This might sound crazy to some of you but early mornings are my favourite. So calm and peaceful.

Later around 10:30am, my friend Amy joined for breakfast at The Club where guests have access to a buffet (bread and pastries, cereals, dim sum, smoked salmon and sushi, some hot dishes) but can also order two mains each. I love a big breakfast so we tried the lobster eggs benedict, buttermilk pancakes with banana, mushrooms on toast, and dumplings.

Then we spent a few hours reading in a sun lounger (God Meant it for Good by RT Kendall for Amy, The Voice of God by Cindy Jacobs for me, to give you an idea of our friendship haha) and swimming in this beautiful infinity pool before cleaning up and heading back to city life.

In my toughest season, I realized God is 100% faithful. He knows I’d love him 100% even if luxurious hotel staycations weren’t on the table. But in his grace they are this year and I am so thankful.

Blessings shouldn’t be occasions where we begin to focus on the blessing over the Blesser. In the past, I’ve done this too many times to count. But in each season, I pray we involve God, say hi and thank you regularly, and just really live life together. It’s truly our privilege to know him intimately and walk with him every day.

Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, 38 Hung Luen Rd, Hung Hom, 2252 5888


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