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[Closed] New dishes review: Lily and Bloom, a chic American restaurant in Central, Hong Kong

New winter dishes perfect for piling on winter weight!

When meeting new dining companions, one of the first things I feel it’s important for them to know about me is that I like intensely flavoured and often fatty foods. Things like blue cheese, kimchi, durian, sambal, kaya toast with the centimetre thick slab of frozen butter, and all dressed chips (a Canadian thing) are just a few of the things that are all good in my books. This doesn’t mean that all I eat are strongly flavoured things. But generally speaking, the more fat and flavour the better.

One of the reasons I like Lily and Bloom so much is because their food is, for the most part, very indulgent. From the deep fried dill pickles in the bar to the massive skillet cookie with a huge assortment of melted there anything low cal on their menu? This is not a complaint.

Recently, I had a chance to try some of their new for winter dishes and was excited to see what calorific creations would be served.

Food at Lily and Bloom restaurant in Hong Kong

The creamy polenta ($125) was bomb. The base was super rich and tasted slightly smokey. Then the marinated mushrooms sat atop were roasted perhaps with some vinegar since they were sour in a good way. Add an intensely coloured slow cooked yolk and truffle oil and you have the makings of a perfect winter appetizer at least for me.

Food at Lily and Bloom restaurant in Hong Kong

Another new dish is the pumpkin ricotta tortellini ($135). This was definitely a more delicately flavoured dish with a mild, sweet sauce. The hazelnuts added a nice sweetness, contrasting with the saltiness of the parmesan. Definitely delicious, but - as mentioned above - I like strongly flavoured dishes, so would probably opt for the polenta or a classic like their pickle-y steak tartare ($198) if I could only choose one appetizer.

Food at Lily and Bloom restaurant in Hong Kong

On the meat side, they have a new absolutely massive 45-day dry aged Cowboy steak ($1,400), also known as a bone-in ribeye. It had a nice crust, but the piece I tried was too overcooked for my liking. The flavour was good but the meat itself just wasn’t the most tender. The steak was also accompanied by the classic parmesan truffle fries (thick cut, yay!), truffle mash and creamed spinach.

Food at Lily and Bloom restaurant in Hong Kong

Last up was dessert. The new passion fruit semifreddo was such a hit at our table, it was devoured before I had a chance to take a photo. Take that as you will.


If you’re into indulgent fatty foods and want an excuse to gain a few pounds during these frigid Hong Kong winter months, get yourself to Lily & Bloom asap.

LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham St, Central, 2810 6166

*By invitation


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