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Restaurant review: Le Bistro WineBeast in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Christmas Menus available from 20-24 December 2018

The first time I heard about Le Bistro WineBeast was the old fashioned way: through a friend. I was at a dinner and as usual the conversation turned to our favourite places to eat in Hong Kong. Le Bistro WineBeast was recommended by a French girl as her favourite place in town. So when the opportunity to try out the restaurant’s Christmas menu popped up, I couldn’t wait to go.

Photo from Le Bistro WineBeast's website

Le Bistro WineBeast is located on the corner of a busy street in Wan Chai. You can’t miss it’s distinctive sign; equal parts classic and chic. The restaurant is headed up by Chef Johan Ducroquet, who cut his teeth at various Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and has worked in France, Spain, and South America. The recipes cooked at the restaurant are all his, and he changes the menu regularly to keep offering guests something new. So what does Chef Johan have for you this Christmas season?

We recently tried the Christmas Eve Tasting Menu (5 courses for $788, + $250 for wine pairing).


Food at Le Bistro Winebeast restaurant

The night started with a foie gras torchon which was accompanied by a fig compote, apricot jam, and peach slices. This was lovely! The torchon itself was fresh and flavourful, and went well with the fruity accompaniments. I’d never had foie gras with apricot or peach slices before but I’m definitely a fan now.


Food at Le Bistro Winebeast restaurant

This luxe “salad” had marinated salmon, crab, a croquette, a generous amount of herring caviar, and a passion fruit sauce. This was a unique combination, though some may find it a bit too intense (salty and tangy).

First Main

Food at Le Bistro Winebeast restaurant

The scallops with hazelnuts and a parmesan cheese emulsion was delicious. Rich yet delicate.

Second Main

Food at Le Bistro Winebeast restaurant

A Beef Rossini ended off our savoury dishes. While this was also an intense dish, I couldn’t get enough of it. It sticks to the classic recipe of a fillet topped with a slice of pan-fried foie gras, and accented with truffle jus and a Madeira demi-glace sauce. This definitely felt like an indulgent, festive dish and was cooked very well. A citrus-y mustard potato croquette was served alongside.


Food at Le Bistro Winebeast restaurant

We ended our meal with a slice of Pain Perdu, which is also known as French Toast. In reality, it was a bit more like a cake topped with luscious fresh raspberries filled with more of the delicious apricot jam.


I love cozy bistros with good value comfort food and Le Bistro WineBeast delivers this with a modern French twist. The space is small and the tables are quite close together, but this doesn’t stop people from organizing group dinners or celebrating dates (both types were there on the night we visited). The Christmas Menu is priced on the higher side for comfort food, but the portions are generous and the flavours are good. Whether you opt for one of the festive menus (there is also a 3 course Festive Lunch Menu for $288 and a New Year’s Eve Tasting Menu for $788 + $250 for wine pairing) or go a la carte, I think Le Bistro WineBeast is a place with heart and worth your dollars.

G/F Newman House 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

*By invitation for Foodie


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