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Is It Possible to Remain Faithful?

The Yay Project art by Jenni Lien

Have you ever wondered about a person’s ability to be faithful to God forever?

As a teenager, one of the reasons I stopped going to youth group was because I saw hypocrisy. Not that I was perfectly behaved, in fact I think I might have been struggling with rebellion, but seeing others’ hypocrisy cemented my general belief that being a faithful Christian just wasn’t realistic.

It was also difficult to believe faithfulness was possible when there seemed to be a flow of pastors, politicians, and others committing moral failures, acting against their beliefs, renouncing their faith, and so on. Could it be that anyone walking in the light today could fall tomorrow? Maybe everyone lives a double life, some people aren’t caught… yet?

How the enemy must delight in God’s children focusing on sin instead of our Savior. If we dwell on mistakes, we could keep dwelling forever. Human sin is so great. We know that, that’s why Jesus paid the price - we would never have been able to atone for our own sins. Every single human makes mistakes but God still loves us, and wants us to repent and come back to him.

What changed my mindset was getting into a real, loving relationship with God. By that time, I loved God, I longed to be pleasing to him, but there were still areas in my life that were openly sinful because I still didn’t believe that living a Bible-based holy life 100% was possible.

But it is. The Bible shows us so.

For example David wasn’t perfect, consequences of sin were evident in his life (e.g. see his children), but he was devoted to God until the end. Read his last words in 2 Samuel 23.

So when we hear about others’ sin, may we not gossip but pray. As my pastor once said, “But by the grace of God, that could be us.” Let us be strengthened knowing God HAS given us spiritual role models in the Bible and, more than that, has given us the Holy Spirit in us. God is faithful to us, may we pursue him with love and holiness and pray we remain faithful to him too.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane! What year did God show you his faithfulness for the first time?


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