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How To Pray for Blessings While Letting God Lead

The Yay Project Christian Blog Prayer Waiting on God

Today I felt God show me a funny image. I was up to my neck in presents and everything was so heavy and then I (comically!) fell over. 😂 And it reminded me of a time last year when I asked God for new opportunities everyday. And for a few days straight, there was indeed a new opportunity everyday - podcast interview, art commission, collab, etc. And I honestly started to get a bit stressed and backtracked saying something like “OK God, never mind, your timing is best for me.”

God truly knows best, doesn’t he? He’s got blessings lined up but knows what we can handle. He knows, we should remember, us humans are a part of HIS plan.

It’s not bad to ask for blessings but maybe it’s worth checking our hearts if we’re starting to seek his hand over his heart. Sometimes we don’t ask for his opinion enough - to our detriment. We don’t draw close to him, study his word, understand our rights as his children. Things like unconfessed sin, poor habits, generational curses can prevent us from receiving all God has for us. So whether we’re in a season of doing or a season of rest, a season of sowing or a season of reaping, may we approach each day poured out in front of our Lord. May we be more hungry to grow spiritually than in any worldly measure.

God is worthy of all praise! He is Lord of all! He is our great love, provider, vindicator, champion. Isn’t it so great that we can learn more about him and grow closer to him each day - will we make this decision?

May we focus on what (who!) matters and allow God to guide our lives. It’s his plan we must live for. His glory we must seek.