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Heart to Heart Talk Time!

Happy Valentine's day, friends! Let's have a little girl talk, shall we? In this episode, I share about my experience with singleness and dating since the 'I almost got married' eps in season one (8:00), tips for rebuking bitterness and unforgiveness when they try and creep in again (14:45), and 'new season' prophecies—personal and global—on why I believe it's so important to say yes to embracing God's *new* online and offline this season (20:00). & for those on YouTube, podcast videos are now available on The Yay Project's YouTube channel ❤️

Watch the episode on YouTube, listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and follow the latest podcast updates on @yaypodcast on Instagram.

Sneak peek of the episode

In many Asian cultures, beyond Asian cultures too, there's a lot of family pressure to get married. I think as soon as I turned 25, there were a lot of questions.

  • When are you going to settle down?

  • When are you going to get married?

  • When are you going to have kids… it's good to have kids young!

And I actually never wanted to get married that young. My mindset was much more like, ‘I grew up in the suburbs, God, and I have so much life that I want to live. I want to do well in my career. I want to do these glamorous things!’

But eventually I did want to get married. And then I think the closer you get to 30, you're also like, ‘Oh, I want a home. I want things that would be easier to afford if I had a partner’ and things like that. Then I fell in love and thought things were going to plan—that God was blessing me beyond what I imagined. And then… I found myself single again and really had my heart checked! Like if I’m not married, am I going to fall apart? Is life worth living?

I’ve definitely had that thought before. I don't know if you've had that thought before. It's absolutely a lie. But sometimes when we’re upset, and the more we focus on it and allow ourselves to dwell in self-righteousness or pity, it can become this stew of bad fruit that we meditate on.

How did God flip my frown around (lol) and show me show me that life was SO much more than marriage?


On the one hand, I see godly woman after godly woman who has been single for awhile, maybe praying about marriage for awhile, even speaking about godly singleness for awhile. Like dominos, God writes their love stories and there are so many wonderful pairings happening,

On the other hand, I know women who are beautiful, godly, well-educated in their forties and fifties, who have been praying for marriage for decades. And they're single.

Is one life better than the other? If two godly women are praying for marriage, one gets married and one doesn’t, is one just not praying as hard as the other?

Short answer: no (not necessarily!)

Long answer: more on this week’s podcast :)


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