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Have You Ever Gotten Bored of Doing a Quiet Time Routine? 🌱

A few days ago, I asked in Stories if anyone had any questions on having a quiet time routine. Got some great questions - thank you for sharing! I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can, either in Stories or through a post like this one.

So have I ever gotten bored?

Before I surrendered my life to God 100%, I did. During these years, I believed God existed and that he loved me. But I thought about my own wants, needs, dreams, problems way more than I focused on God. So I did my quiet time routine when I felt burdened and needed comfort. Then once I felt better, I’d stop. There were so many things I wanted to do, I reasoned. Studying the Bible was for seminary students or something.

But then God brought me to a place where I knew 100% that I couldn’t handle the situation I was in on my own. My pride was totally gone. And in that moment, I think I felt God’s love more tenderly than ever before. He knew the situation - but he also knew what I needed most of all. His love. In that season, I started talking to God 24/7. You know those situations where you’re in emotional turmoil and can’t stop thinking about the problem? If you’re in a situation like that, I think it’s a gift in some ways. It’s a chance to give all of your pieces to God and let him lead. There’s a special tenderness (Psalm 34:18). If you’re not, that’s also OK. God is always pursuing us - daily! But sometimes we need to work a little harder to tune out distractions and give God our full attention. He pursues us but doesn’t force us to obey.

When I learned to surrender to God 100% and try my best to obey what he said as soon as he said it, it changed my life.

I finally realised God is GOD! He is before ALL things (Colossians 1:17)! Lord of ALL creation (Revelation 4:11)! Lord of ALL! And I GET to seek him as much as I want. That he PROMISES to share his wisdom (James 1:5). That he WILL fight for me (Exodus 14:14). That he DOES LOVE ME with all his heart despite my past mistakes and future ones.

In his magnificent love, he sent Jesus to come and die for our sins (thank you Jesus for your willingness) and then sent us the Holy Spirit to help us daily. Perhaps when we stop and think of it like this, it seems obvious. We should try and spend time with God daily because we believe he is God and he deserves it.

But I think the reason I haven’t been bored for one single second since that surrender season is because I fell in LOVE with God.

Love isn’t always easy to describe, look at the endless catalogue of love songs and poems and books that try! I think The Yay Project is my love letter to God in many ways. I do my best to obey as he is leading but I also love to do it because I wanted to tell everyone I know about how life-changingly incredible he is. Also I still try to spend as much time with God as I possibly can because I need reminders of who he is. If I’m not thinking of God, I’m thinking of me… and that’s a quick road to worry, selfishness, etc. etc. Whereas when I think about God, my heart sings you know? It’s so humbling and awe-inspiring to remember who God is.

We don’t need to live mediocre lives. We don’t need to accept lives full of worry and doubt and try not to get our hopes up.

As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit and when we’re living life with him, fruits appear i.e. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). These aren’t just characteristics that some people are born with - through God we can be transformed. We can’t do it in our human flesh, but we can grow in Christ-likeness daily… if we seek God daily.

It’s our great privilege to know God and there is SO MUCH left to know about him. We’ll never be able to even come close to understanding all of God in this lifetime but isn’t it a joy to try? Also may we trust that God’s plan for our lives is infinitely better than anything we could plan for ourselves. Each day brings new opportunities to grow in our Kingdom calling as well.

I pray that we all fall in ocean deep love with God, 100% surrendered to his ways. May we love and long to keep him as #1 in all ways.

Everything else, he’s got it. He will lead.


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