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[Closed] New dishes review: Gough’s on Gough, a Timothy Oulton restaurant

I’ve been wanting to try Gough’s on Gough for a really long time. Basically since it opened. I mean have you seen the interiors? So lovely! But it’s definitely a splurge kind of place, and splurging on British food isn’t something I usually do. That said, I knew of at least three couples who had gone for an anniversary or date night and all had great things to say about both the atmosphere and the food. So one year after opening, I was excited to finally try Gough’s on Gough for myself.

The atmosphere

Gough's on Gough by Timothy Oulton

Gough's on Gough by Timothy Oulton

Gough's on Gough by Timothy Oulton

Gough's on Gough by Timothy Oulton

Gough’s on Gough may be the prettiest restaurant in town. It’s stunning in a slightly over-the-top, whimsical, very layered kind of way. Timothy Oulton, the British furniture brand, is behind the restaurant so it’s no surprise that the interior design is on point. No detail is too small, from the marbled chevron floors; to the changing wall panels (oyster shells for brunch, wood for lunch, white feathers for dinner); to fresh flowers, crystal, and gold accents all around. While the space is small, it’s divided up so that there are many intimate corners rather than one huge main area. I can definitely see why it’s a great choice for date night, and think it would be great for a girls brunch or cocktail party too.

The food

Gough’s on Gough has had a la carte and tasting menu options since opening but have recently launched four new sharing dishes. We tried three of them, but first we started with two appetizers.


Gough's on Gough by Timothy Oulton

Beef tartare is a classic dish but Chef Arron Rhodes has given it a twist by serving it “4 ways” ($238). The tartare itself is made from tenderloin from the shoulder, fillet, and heart giving it a finer texture and heavier taste. Served alongside the tartare is a small bowl of puffed beef tendons which are so light yet sinful I wanted a whole bowl to myself.

Gough's on Gough by Timothy Oulton

The cornish blue lobster salad ($218) was charmingly served with a coconut and mango curry sauce, a refined take on the classic Coronation sauce.

Sharing dishes

Gough's on Gough restaurant by Timothy Oulton

First up was the whole roast cornish hen served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables ($688 for two). The hen was cooked exceptionally well; it was full of flavour (the marinade and the quality of the hen) and was very moist. I would love to come back for this another day.

Gough's on Gough restaurant by Timothy Oulton

The belted Galloway rib-eye ($788 for two, served with fries and seasonal vegetables) was very tender and well-marbled.

Gough's on Gough restaurant by Timothy Oulton

It may surprise some people that the beef wellington ($858 for two) is the most expensive of the three sharing mains that we tried but just look at the beef. Overcooking a beef wellington is very common, hence why mastering it is a task of many culinary school students. Gough’s on Gough’s version is delicious and bloody.

Gough's on Gough restaurant by Timothy Oulton

Of the side dishes, I loved the fragrant, seasoned vegetables (especially the carrots!) but was a tad disappointed with the potatoes. The fries were tasty but I’d guess they were of the frozen McCain variety. Given the price point, perhaps they could be fresh cut or more inventive in the future. And I did enjoy the flavour of the coffee potatoes but found them a bit dry.


We went back to the regular menu for dessert and enjoyed the Chocolate M & M ($118, and the M&M stands for malted chocolate and mint chocolate mousse) and the Strawberry Cream ($98). While both were good, I found the M & M a bit too minty for my taste and preferred the rich, creamy, almost cheese-like strawberry bavarois.


Eating at Gough’s on Gough was a great experience. With the price point, it will be a special occasion restaurant for most. But not everyone wants to celebrate a special occasion with a tasting menu or precious food. The restaurant’s new sharing menu allows guests to celebrate special moments with refined comfort food in the same a beautiful environment.

15 Gough St, Central, 2473 9066

*By invitation


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