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God-Sized Hope (Season 3 Finale)

You Are You podcast by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project
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Welcome to the Season 3 finale of You Are You podcast! Join in as we discuss preparing for the summer (often a season with less structure), moving into new seasons with a healthy heart (no hate or bitterness!), and trusting that waiting at the feet of Jesus (and prioritizing this daily) is always the best place to be. Lord, help us to be humble hearted and full of hope in you.

Listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Keep up with the latest updates by following You Are You Podcast on Instagram! Below is a transcript of the episode.

You Are You podcast by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project


Hi friends! So very soon it’ll be summer, and sometimes this season brings less structure. School is out, small groups might be on break, and it can be easy to slip away from godly habits or even God himself. I pray we guard against this this summer, and remember we can live differently.

We KNOW that life close to God is the biggest blessing — maybe the main reason that we don’t want to sometimes is because we need to give up control and wait on his timing. But may we remember that those that go ahead of God’s timing make mistakes! Abraham and Sarah as perhaps the clearest example. Are there any areas of our lives where we’re in danger of running ahead of God this summer?

I pray we think about this and bring any weakened areas of our lives to God. May we wait on him and seek him AND do what he says.

Right now my apartment is full of moving boxes. I’m packing 11 years of expat life into about that many cardboard boxes, and some suitcases, and it’s been a fast-faced and exhilarating few weeks. In this season of my life, I sense God speaking to me in whispers more than shouts. As I said that, it’s dawned on me — maybe it’s a sign that I need to wait on him and listen more closely than before, something that’s been hard to do amidst all the moving and preparation.

You Are You podcast by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

I’m the kind of person that loves it when God tells me what to do — because I’ve experienced that his way is best. Doing it his way is far better than any plan I’ve ever tried to make. And in other seasons of my life, I’ve felt him give very clear directions. Of course God is always clear so it’s me that needs to adapt to his ways rather than expect him to fit my expectations. But all this to say… when we notice God starting to shift things, may we pay attention. Remove distractions as much as we can. And ask him to clarify.

Lord, I pray that you help us to love our Proverbs 3:5-6 this season. Help us to really soak in what these words mean and long to do it. To trust you with ALL our hearts and not lean on our own understanding or assumptions. Help us to acknowledge you in ALL ways believing that one step at a time, one act of faith at a time, however small — through the process you are making our paths straight.

The move that I’m currently going through happened very quickly but I think God has also been preparing me for some time. There have been times over the past year where I’ve cried out to God for a clear answer. Like “God, you know I’ll do whatever you say… won’t you please tell me what to do! Won’t you give me an answer!” I usually draw graphics in hour-long sessions, and then pray over which one to post on which day. Any prophetic words or verses are from things I’ve felt God speaking to me in the past weeks. The last time I had one of these sessions was a few months ago — and as I was choosing graphics recently, I noticed that so many of them had to do with worrying.

You Are You podcast by The Yay Project

I know we don’t need to worry, and yet apparently I was really, really struggling with it hah— and God kept reminding me of his faithfulness. And this part of my testimony, I’m still processing it and don’t have a ‘neat bow’ kind of answer but I hope sharing it may help anyone else that may be going through something similar.

In the midst of this tough season, for the first time in my life it was my physical health that caused me to sit up and pay attention. I was constantly getting physically sick — experiencing the stomach flu every other month. When I was recovering, I was praying and trying to understand what was happening and how to make a change. Eventually I also started spending time with a career coach and our conversations helped me to see that I was hopeful but not happy — which I’d never clocked before.

As Christians, we’re tough. We have the Holy Spirit and the Bible, and we know how to persevere.

For examples of patience in suffering, dear brothers and sisters, look at the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. We give great honor to those who endure under suffering. For instance, you know about Job, a man of great endurance. You can see how the Lord was kind to him at the end, for the Lord is full of tenderness and mercy. (James 5:10-11)

So maybe sometimes we are willing to stick out tough situations by sheer will because we feel God is calling us there. Maybe he is, and being steadfast is the right thing. But maybe there will also be a time where the grace to stay in that situation will lift and God will clearly show that it’s time to move on. May we not see it as failure — but seek God. Have you ever gone into a situation that you knew would be difficult, sensed there would be warfare, and thought maybe God was going to use you to bring his light and lasting change? And it doesn’t turn out quite like you think? Praying this for me as much as for anyone else, but I pray our egos don’t get in the way and take change as a personal failure. All we’re expected to do is what God is calling us to. He is our leader and judge.

You Are You podcast by The Yay Project

The LORD is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me? (Psalm 118:6)

Yesterday, I was working on uploading the transcript from the Fiery Faith episode, and was reminded of a sermon my pastor gave recently — about how we need to be careful we don’t let bad fruit come with us into new seasons. When he gave the sermon, it was about Hong Kongers coming out of a tough fifth wave and cautioning us against being angry or bitter towards fellow citizens, policies, etc. As I was listening to it yesterday, it was a reminder to not let any hurt turn into hate. Honestly there have been times when difficult situations have come to mind and I’ve had to actively say NO that pain will not turn into bitterness. I will not hate even though my flesh might want to. And today maybe I need to acknowledge that healing can take time — but blessed are we that we can go to God anytime and follow him.

We have a shepherd — a great, loving one. We’re never alone — we can get as much help as we want. And we were created by THE creator of all things who has written a wonderful plan for our lives. Before we were in our mother’s womb, he knew us (see Jeremiah 1:5). Whatever stage of life we’re in — making country moves or waiting on an answer to prayer or stepping into a promise — may we do our best to prioritize doing life with our God most of all.

You Are You podcast by The Yay Project

This summer, I’m hoping to spend some time really loving my loved ones. When I moved abroad 11 years ago, I was focused on my own goals. There were so many things I wanted to do, people I wanted to meet, experiences I wanted to have, things I wanted to buy. And throughout the years, God was so gracious — when friends ask me if there are things I want to do before moving, I honestly can’t think of much I’ve wanted to experience that I haven’t been able to while being abroad.

Now I feel God has given me glimpses of the next few pages that he’s writing. I’m excited to see how he’s going to lead. As I prepare this summer, I pray I can slow down well and grow in maturity and humility, and seek God on how to be more servant-hearted, notice and give to others more — be more like my Savior.

It’s so easy to want to live for ourselves. It’s so easy to focus on ourselves when there are things we want to do or even just because we want to feel in control. But may we surrender and see how there is no God like our God, and he writes the most epic stories. He IS writing our epic stories right now. May we follow his pen, testify as he writes, encourage each other to follow him, and naturally live out of the overflow of quality time spent with our God everyday. Let us live for him — there is no better way.

I think this will be the last episode for season 3. During the break, I hope to testify in other formats but also spend more time and energy just waiting at the feet of Jesus and processing and preparing for what’s to come. If you’d like to reach out, feel free to DM or email. It’s always great to connect! Otherwise, I hope you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to sharing life together again via podcast next season.


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