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Giving God the Pain He Already Knows We Have (And Wants to Take)

Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

Yesterday something happened that hurt my feelings. I asked God for help but usually spend more time praying over things in the mornings (vs at night). So this morning I soaked and asked God to help again.

I felt him remind me that life’s journey doesn’t need to look like a long narrow path filled with worry, where we’re worried to take a step and have no idea what’s ahead. No matter what the situation is, it can be a short narrow path (eg not long before we encounter God) filled with joy, where we walk with faith trusting God knows what’s ahead.

We know this, but you know how sometimes we can feel upset and momentarily forget?

Later I felt God remind me:

“You’re my beloved child. Enjoy your life. Don’t think I’m unaware of your pain points and struggles. I’m waiting for you to bring them to me.”

And it blew my mind!

I’d asked God for help with the situation, prayed over solutions... but I hadn’t just told God how it hurt me.

So I did, nailed lies to the Cross and then enjoyed basking in God’s love. We can go to him with anything, he wants us to. What a good, good Father we have.

“I love you, child. Let me be your foundation. Your house is built on solid rock. Don’t fear wind, don’t fear storms. Your foundation is solid and I am watching out for you. Now, always, remember to watch for me. Keep your eyes fixed on me.” (See Matthew 7:24-27)

Drop a 🙏 if you’re so thankful that God loves us with us such a deep, tender, endless love - that we can go to him with anything. Whatever happens today, any day, may we always remember that we have God (God!).


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