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Do you see trials as a womb or a tomb?

The Yay Project art by Jenni Lien

My church recently had an online conference with sermons from RT Kendall (UK), Bob Sorge (US) and Bobby Conner (US) along with our Senior Pastor (HK). We’ve never had a conference during our church-wide fast before but this year our Pastor asked these men of God, who advise our church, if they’d ask God for a word for us for 2021.

The themes were as follows:

I wanted to share because perhaps, wherever we are in the world, we’re all still in a stage of trying to understand our new normal. Instead of longing for the past, may we see that we’ve been so blessed. Trials are not easy but lessons are a gift. As Pastor Bob reminded us, God has always used trials to birth things for his people (womb not tomb). We can hold tight to his promise - feeding, growing in the Lord until it’s time for the promise to be birthed (for more, see 2 Peter 1:3-4). May we remember that Jesus suffered on the cross so we don’t have to but he also suffered to show us how.

So I hope this post feels like a warm e-hug. God’s with us and we’re seen, we’re known, we’re so deeply loved by him. We don’t know how 2021 will go but he does. This has been true for every other year too but perhaps in this season we’ve been given extra grace to truly see how true it is.

As for us, I pray we live out 2021 together in community, with love and humility. None of us all ever have all the answers. God wants us to embrace our God-given design and fulfill our God-given callings because we all matter in his plan. The lessons he teaches us, the testimonies he gives us, the dreams he shows us - let’s use all we are to praise his name, give him glory, build his body.

Here’s to loving God and each other well this year.