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Are You Going to This Year’s Creative Christianity Summit?

Creative Christianity Summit

Cheerfully Given is a marketplace website made up of a community of over 130 Christian designers and makers who have a desire to share the Lord Jesus through great design and contemporary craft. Their goal is to worship our Divine Craftsman with excellence in all kinds of creative ways.

Creative arts have been at the core of Church life since the tabernacle was constructed, so we want to encourage and share that great treasure.

What a great mission!

With their passion for Christian creatives, is it any wonder that they're the brains behind the Creative Christianity Summit?

If you're new to the Summit, here's a quick Q&A.

Creative Christianity Summit-Jenni Lien

What is the Creative Christianity Summit?

The Creative Christianity Summit is a 5-day virtual event exploring faith, creativity & community with 35+ Speakers from around the world.

When and where is it happenning?

Taking place virtually from June 15–19, 2021, it’s 5 days of faith, creativity, and community that can be enjoyed flexibly around day-to-day life.

Do I have to watch it during June 15–19, 2021?

Attendees get 12-month access to the sessions so you can enjoy watching and rewatching them at your own pace, and this year there is an attendees-only podcast so you can listen to the talks on-the-go until June 2022 as well!

What are the key features?

💕 Over 35 professional Christian creatives sharing wisdom & experience designed to encourage you and help you grow closer to Jesus

📖 Christ-centred Bible teaching and sessions looking at creativity as a follower of Jesus

📹 Talks & sessions exploring different aspects of creative practice from a range of industries

🎨 Creative workshops you can do from home to learn a new creative skill

🥰 Facebook group so you can connect & share your reflections with other attendees, and make new creative friends

📅 12 months of access to the Summit content so you can watch and rewatch the sessions until June 2022

📱 Attendees-only podcast so you can listen to talks wherever you want

✏️ Graphic illustrations of headline sessions, so you can process the talks visually

What are they key benefits?

💛 Jesus-centred - Everything we do as Christians is about Jesus and sharing Him! The event is designed to lift your heart and mind to focus on Him, so that you can go out refreshed by His Spirit to do the Father’s will in your community.

🤓 Value-packed - The digital format means you can enjoy sessions from experts all over the world, from lots of different professional backgrounds within the creative space.

💰 Affordable - Last year, many of our attendees shared that they couldn’t believe how much value the Summit was for the price. It’s designed to be as accessible as possible.

⏰ Flexible - While the Summit is delivered over 5 days with live sessions throughout the week designed to refresh and equip you, we have created the event in a way that lets you watch things at your own pace over the weeks and months to come

🌎 Virtual, so you can attend from anywhere in the world!

What are some of the questions being explored at this year's Summit?

This year's Summit explores questions like...

  • What can we learn about life and reality from the creativity seen in the Tabernacle?

  • What’s the purpose of creativity? And how do we use it well as Christians?

  • What does creativity look like in church life? What could and should it look like?

  • How can you be a faithful follower of Jesus in different creative spheres? As a comedian? As a makeup artist? As a painter?

  • What does it mean to be a Spirit-gifted creative?

What industries are covered by the speakers?

  • Bible teaching & theology

  • Business & entrepreneurship

  • Activism & social justice

  • Creativity in business

  • Creativity in church

  • Creativity and building community

  • Make-up & beauty

  • Design & design methodology

  • Fashion & styling

  • Podcasting

  • Comedy

  • Fine art

  • Horticulture

  • Music & song-writing

  • Storytelling

  • Iconography

  • Prophetic art

  • Fine & contemporary art

  • Bible journaling & faith journaling

  • Dance & movement

  • Social media & digital

  • Creativity in personal worship & prayer

  • Mental health and creativity

  • Chronic illness and creativity

How much is it?

Tickets are $55 USD / £39 GBP for:

  • A virtual summit focused on Jesus & creativity premiering June 15–19, 2021.

  • 12-month access to content, community & encouragement!

  • 80+ sessions exploring faith and creativity

  • Digital workshops to learn new creative skills

  • Exclusive Facebook group including live Q&As and fun activities

Is it worth the price?

Here are some testimonials from last year's Summit.

Creative Christianity Summit testimonials
Creative Christianity Summit testimonials
Creative Christianity Summit testimonials

Count me in.

Creative Christianity Summit

I'm super thankful to have the opportunity to share the testimony of how The Yay Project and You Are You Podcast came to be at this year's Summit. My interview — hosted by the lovely and inspirational Menekse Stewart, founder of Cheerfully Given — will be on Day 1. Here is the schedule.

Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

There are so many sessions I'm looking forward to including:

  • The Tabernacle series with Paul Blackham

  • Worship with Lou & Nathan Fellingham

  • Motherhood & Creativity: A Panel Discussion

  • Modern Psalms for Little Hearts with Michael J. Tinker

  • Courageous Creating with the Holy Spirit: A Workshop with Debra Hart

  • The Power of His Promised Word with Rachel Van Pelt

  • Peaceful Imaginative Prayer: A Workshop with Helena Whitwell

  • Using Creative Gifts for God's Glory: An Interview with Teri from The Lovely Drawer

  • Listening to God in the Creative Call: An Interview with Elisabeth Pike

  • How to Be a Gentle Protester: The Craftivist Story with Sarah Corbett

Creative Christianity Summit-Jenni Lien-The Yay Project

Before my interview with Menekse, we chatted about how we believe God is doing so much in the creative space. I believe God is leading so many of his sons and daughters into creative worship, pouring out his ideas for new ministries, businesses, books, podcasts and so much more. I'm excited for all the testimonies and workshops, and seeing God's children be who he created them to be, doing what he's leading them to do!

So worth $55 USD / £39 GBP!

If you'd like to buy a ticket (& support The Yay Project), you can do so via this affiliate link.

Please let me know if you'll be attending! So far, we've got a group going with Cass from Wildergeese, Kate from My Daily Dates, and Nadia from The Spiritual Go-Getter. Come join us :) Would love to chat about the sessions and 'attend' together!


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