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Choosing God First in This COVID-19 Period

Cute pastel Christian prayer graphic by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

“As a creative person, you love to create. Don’t lose that joy. I have a lot more for you to do. And you will enjoy it! It will be hard work, it will require you to seek me more and more, but it will be the time of your life. Are you in?”

This morning, I felt God press the above on my heart. (Of course my answer was ‘Yes!!!’ How about you? Ask him for it too, if you do. 🤗) It was so refreshing.

So I worshipped, prayed, watched 1 then 3 episodes of The Chosen, and then went to bed. I didn’t really hear from God but felt he was pleased that I chose him.

Some days, God doesn’t respond like we think but that doesn’t mean he’s not working.

This morning, I went through my morning routine and was just so excited. One thing I felt God nudge me to do was write down some answered dreams / future dreams. When we’re tired, it can be easy to forget all God has carried us through but when we stop and think about it… man, God is so good! There are so many things I prayed for (even once) 5 to 8 years ago that are coming true now. The prayers happened so long ago, I forgot about them. They weren’t essential things to have, so I didn’t keep praying. But God didn’t forget and for whatever reason (perhaps just because he is so good and loving) he gives us the desires of our hearts.

As we go back into our busy lives I pray that we remain deeply rooted in God.

Christian blog on choosing God first during Covid 19 by The Yay Project

It’s not bad to be busy, but let’s remember our reason for working hard (and make time for Sabbath too). Things might get stressful, we might have less time than we did during lockdown but as we fix our eyes on Jesus… we have many things to look forward to! Above all, each day brings new chances to seek his face. How blessed we are to know, talk with, hear from, serve him. We get to work on and live out our God-given dreams and further his Kingdom!

So let’s continue to seek God above all and ask to see our lives from his point of view. He’s faithful, he’s always listening to and answering our prayers in his perfect way. Let’s trust him and wait expectantly... and pray more! He’s got more, he’s got good things in store.

Let’s work hard for him and trust he will walk us into our dreams, his plans when the time is right. ✨


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