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Believe In Your God-Given Dream Even If Others Don't (Yet)

The Yay Project Christian Podcast by Jenni Lien

As we pursue our dreams, may we remember that God wants us to be good stewards of our resources including our time and energy. Because it's going to take our very best effort to build these God-given dreams and they are worthy of our best effort, amen? In this episode, I share a bit about this stage (starting month 3) of my entrepreneurship journey—what I'm calling the 'articulation stage' where much prayer, effort, and work is required to articulate to others the vision that's burning on the inside of us. When we stumble over our words, when we're not able to accurately explain our vision to others, when others' don't get our vision, when we're trying to pinpoint our vision to ourselves, it can be frustrating but may we not give up! Let's go to God (for clarity, strength, wisdom—the list is endless!), keep working unto him, and trust he goes before us—he's written this plan for us before we were born. Let's do what he's made us to do.

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