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Restaurant review: Beef and Liberty in Central, Hong Kong

New brunch dishes plus some Christmas specials

My taste buds tend to prefer Asian food over Western, but the Canadian in me can’t resist some good ol’ fashioned comfort food. Especially for brunch. The thought of runny egg yolks, hot carbs, french fries, and high calorie sauces will get me up faster than you can say bottomless coffee. When I first arrived in Hong Kong, the only place I knew of was greasy spoon The Flying Pan. While there’s a time and a place for greasy spoons, Beef and Liberty have recently launched a just as comforting (and affordable) option for a comfort food brunch, and in a much chicer setting.

Food at Beef and Liberty restaurant in Hong Kong

I visited the California Tower location on a Sunday, and the place was packed. There weren’t people waiting to be seated or anything, but nearly every table was full. There was also a kid’s birthday party with at least 30 people in the back. That said, service was great as always. While I’d visited Beef and Liberty a few times in the past, it was always for their burgers. Would their brunch live up to expectations?

Food at Beef and Liberty restaurant in Hong Kong

Naturally, there are quite a few breakfast burgers/sandwiches on the menu (the regular menu is also available if you’d prefer an actual burger). The Breakfast Sandwich with pulled pork ($88) was awesome. The meat was chunky and tender rather than just stringy, and sandwiched within a fluffy bun with tangy BBQ sauce and a sunny side up egg. The addition of pickled onions added a nice zing.

Food at Beef and Liberty restaurant in Hong Kong

The Beef and Liberty English breakfast ($128) was massive and good value. The English sausage was moreish, the portobello was juicy, and most importantly the bacon was fried crisp. There wasn’t anything stand out or unusual about this one; just a classic fry up.

Food at Beef and Liberty restaurant in Hong Kong

Since we added their amazingly fluffy Liberty Fries ($30), Sweet Potato Fries ($35), and Cauliflower and Cheese Bites ($58), we were pretty full at this point. But ‘tis the season to indulge right, so we ordered the festive Bread and Butter Pudding ($38). You guys, go and get this even if you don’t want anything else on the menu. It’s so buttery and custardy - you can barely tell it’s bread! It doesn’t need any cream or luxe addition. The sweet apricot glaze and plump raisins add just the right amount of sweetness.

Also, for those who haven't checked out Beef and Liberty yet, I think it's worth mentioning that this place is great for fans of sauce. Not only do they serve Wilkin & Sons tomato ketchup at the table, but their chipoltle sauce (with the Sweet Potato Fries) and rocket pesto (with the Cauliflower and Cheese Bites) were awesome too.


Beef and Liberty already had a reputation for quality, affordable burgers and now they’re doing a great job with brunch too. It’s firmly on my list for the next time I’m craving a hearty, comfort food brunch. Those looking for a healthier option will be glad to know the new brunch menu also includes lighter options like Avocado and Ricotta Toast and a Yogurt & Berries dish.

Multiple locations including 3/F California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Central, 2450 5778

*By invitation


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