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Are You Yearning for the Right Things?

Christian pastel art God answers prayer by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

Have decided and am excited to have a really good day today. 💥 👊 🔥⁣ Because ... for the past few weeks, I’ve been distracted with a single issue. Praying and praying but it almost turned into impatient complaining. Not good and not who I want to be. Maybe these sorts of phases happen sometime but I think they’re easier to overcome when we remember whose we are. We are so blessed to be God’s children! To enjoy his goodness in so many forms (prayer, worship, community, creating, etc.) To have really relationship with him. To have a plan to fulfil. To be able to partner with him and carry out his will. God’s will! ⁣ This morning I went to early morning prayer meeting and felt God ask me what I’m yearning for. The word ‘yearning’ really stood out to me, that intense longing for something, as I guess that really was the perfect word to describe how I was feeling. And, after sharing my heart, I felt God impress on me the following, lovingly:⁣ *Don’t you trust that I want these things for you? Don’t you realize that I am with you? Don’t waste time. Focus on the things I have given you in the present. Humbly present your requests to me but don’t whine. You are stronger than you know ... because my strength, my Holy Spirit is in you. Learn to utilise the fullness of my power.⁣ *Keep your eyes fixed on me and my Kingdom and trust me to provide the rest. I know you, my love. I made you, my love. Seek me more and allow me to reveal more. I can’t wait for more sweet time with you.⁣ *Even with ___________, I am the only thing that will ever satisfy the longings in your heart. Come to me now and let me satisfy you. Trust me to provide __________ when the time is right. Always, always keep your eyes fixed on me. And love me with all of your heart. ⁣ So actively choosing to punch the devil in the eye (as my Joyce Meyer podcast reminded me this morning haha) by choosing to live in God’s peace no matter what I feel or see (I AM going to have a good day with God!). I’ve had enough of this weird wallowing state and refocusing my prayers. ⁣

Lord, I want more of your strength, your wisdom, your fire. Help me to be so on fire for you that unexpected circumstances never rattle me because I am so sure of your character and my identity as your daughter. Help me to see what you see and be passionate, and hungry for, your will. Your will over my will, always. Help me to remember. ❤️ #theyayproject


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