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50 Ways to #prayforhongkong

No wordy caption today. I’ve tried writing something more energetic, more battle-ready but the truth is I’m weary. My heart has been at PolyU all day, a place I used to visit frequently as I managed a number of their academic journals. My heart is also at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where my friend A works, as they were affected by tear gas today. But rather than bask in the weariness, I’m getting up to pray. I hope you will join me.

Read anything about the protests and you can probably think of things to pray for. But sometimes, at least for me, the situation can seem so huge I’m at a loss for words. Exactly where to start and what to say … ? So if it’s helpful, please see below for 50 ideas on how to pray for Hong Kong. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, just things that came to mind as I was praying earlier. And it’s not descriptive either, more just topics / areas … may God lead you and give you ideas. Please feel free to add your own prayer topic below / message me so I can join you too.

25 Types of People

  1. City’s leaders

  2. Global leaders

  3. Police

  4. Protestors

  5. Business owners

  6. Parents

  7. Healthcare workers

  8. Journalists

  9. The heartbroken

  10. The angry

  11. The hopeless

  12. The scared

  13. Christians in Hong Kong

  14. Pastors in Hong Kong

  15. Christians around the world

  16. Pastors around the world

  17. Expats 

  18. Educators

  19. Children

  20. Elderly

  21. Bosses

  22. The influential

  23. The every person 

  24. Intercessors

  25. Civil servants and public-facing workers

25 Other Things

  1. Hope

  2. Need for God

  3. Angels to fight

  4. Community

  5. Wisdom

  6. Faith at every level (crazy, daily, baby, maybe, wavy, etc.)

  7. Understanding

  8. EQ

  9. Safety and protection

  10. Healing

  11. Hunger for God’s word

  12. Encouragement

  13. Unity

  14. Evangelism 

  15. Repentance

  16. Health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

  17. Forgiveness

  18. Strength

  19. Love

  20. Humility

  21. Awareness of spiritual warfare

  22. For God to raise up prayer warriors and for Christians to be willing to pray / do as God leads

  23. Desire to worship God

  24. Cover for relationships (families, marriages, friendships, etc.)

  25. Communication